A student being recognized by Principal Emery for respectful behavior during the month of September

It has been a long standing tradition in Grades K-4 for students to be recognized by their teachers and Principal Emery.  On Tuesday, October 11th several students were recognized for their respectful behavior they demonstrated during the month of September.

Awards are given out by Mr. Emery (and Mrs. Fisher, Dean of Students) during their lunch times, a time that is usually filled with lots of chatter.  But on this day, students were eating and listening with bated breath.  To see and hear their excitement for each other was priceless and surely a sign of respect for others!

Each month, the teachers will select students based on our character trait of the month.  Next month is “responsibility.”  By the end of the school year, each student will be recognized.

You might be wondering about our Grades 5-8 students.  Certainly, the middle school has had its own tradition of holding recognition assemblies.  Like many things, this looked different during the pandemic.  We are very excited to bring that tradition back!

In the upper grades, students will be recognized via the “Charger Award.”  Similar to the Proud Principal award, teachers recognize students based on the character trait of the month.  For September, awards were handed out in a students homeroom, but beginning in October, we will hold a monthly assembly for 5th-8th in which students will be recognized.

We are excited to be able to continue these traditions here at GEMS as there are so many good things happening by so many GEMS students!

Melissa Fisher
Dean of Students