Each morning students across FWSU are greeted as they enter the buildings or classrooms to start their day. Sometimes it’s in rain gear with an umbrella, sometimes it’s in full winter gear with ski goggles, and sometimes it’s with silly costumes and music to just bring a smile to someone's face. 

One of my favorite thing to see if when families enter BFA Elementary school almost everyone stops to ready the greeting in the lobby.

It a nice blend of important information, like what’s for lunch and a few random factoids that may help you in your day. FES and GEMS both have monitors filled with pictures, updates, and tons of fun facts too!

When students enter their classroom, there is usually another greeting that helps folks get settled for the day. (P.S I still don’t know the answer to this joke)

Staring you day with a high five or fist bump, a quick how are you, and just being acknowledged is a wonderful way to start you day. 

Our faculty and staff are equally excited to see our students as they are to see us!

-- Scott Thompson Director of Curriculum