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Website Evaluation Tool
Check out the the molasses disaster of January 15, 1919. 

Do you trust this site? Would you cite it as a research source?
Try these: Link 1 , Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5

Citing Sources:
Noodletools - use "Express" toward bottom of page

Abstract Template (2019)
Invitation information form (2019)

Welcome to independent study! In this class each student will complete an inquiry project and produce a product to showcase what they have learned. 

Learning By Asking Questions Presentation 

​Independent Study Domains

Level 1 questions: 
Often begin with What? Which? Where? When? or Who? 
Example: When was the statue of liberty constructed? 
These questions have short, simple answers that do not require an explanation. 

Level 2 questions: 
Often begin with the stems How? or Why?
Example: Why did France give America the Statue of Liberty?
These questions require an explanation built upon facts, examples, quotes, etc. 

Level 3 and 4 questions:
Require an analysis, prediction, or original solution, etc

Remember notes are:
1. A single idea
2. In your own words
3. Shorter than the source