Fabrication and Sculpture


In this art/technology class, you will work in both the Innovation Lab and the Art Room to explore fabrication and sculpture.  Learn how sculpture, and 3d graphic design work hand in hand. Create projects using tools and techniques traditionally and digitally with Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Crosby. Whether you use paper, clay, found objects, laser cutting or 3d printing, you can make impressive creations in this class.

3d: A flat piece of paper (a drawing, a painting, a photo) is 2D. An object (a sculpture, a building, a car) is 3D. A 3d computer graphic is designed in three dimensions and can be manipulated on the screen.


  • v. to mark out, to plan, purpose, intend... 

  • n. a plan conceived in the mind, of something to be done... 

  • n. adaptation of means to end... 

                                                     The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 

Creating 3D Forms

Online Tools


Subtraction: carving or chipping away at a shape, removing material to create the object
Manipulation: reshaping material that is given: stretching, rolling, pulling, pinching. 
Addition: building up objects by adding material, in the case of computer graphics often called primitives


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Download only-not an online tool.