6th Grade Focus Groups

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The Power of Light
We know that light helps us see. But how can it be used in other ways? We will read about and research light and its many uses. We will build light up circuits, we will learn how LEDs and other lights work and we will use light to cut materials to make one of a kind light sculptures or lamps.

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Tell Your Story
Are you a writer? A storyteller? Would you like to create an ebook? A photo essay? Or a video that tells your story? We will explore tools that let us create digital stories that combine photographs, video, sound, music and text. 


Intro to Game Design
Video games are definitely fun. They can be challenging and exciting, or down right boring! What makes us react to games? How can we design a game guaranteed to catch a player’s interest? If you are interested in programming games, this class will introduce you to both the theory behind game creation and the process of coding a game.


Robots are used in many industries and are becoming more and more able to take on tasks that used to be done by humans. In this class, we will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction about robots, we will research topics about robotics and we will program and build robots using a variety of materials. 


Video Hints


Pause the video as often as you need to. You can also back up and watch it again.

Before you ask for help, try what the video is telling you to do.

Do things in order.

Sprite Fix :)

1. Make your character stop moving

2. Good luck and bad luck objects.

3. Program the Randomizer

4. Test the Randomizer.

5. Collecting the good luck items.

6. Setting the score.

7. Losing lives and ending the game

8. Moving up a level.

9. Using projectiles to destroy obj_Bad

10. Backgrounds/Winning and losing