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History / Changemakers
​These are people who made a lasting impact on the world around them and the course of history.  How might life be different if they had made different decisions? 
How might your fictional character interact with them?  

1.Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Voting Rights)
2.Jackie Robinson (Baseball)
3. Emma Willard  (Education )
5. Alan Shepard  (Space Flight) 
6. Chuck Yeagar (Pilot)
7. Mohandas Gandhi (Non Violent Protest- India (nation) Independence)
8. Lewis Hine (Photography)
9. Clara Barton  (Medicine)
10. Amelia Earhart (Aviation)
11. John Brown - (Abolition of slavery) 
12. Maya Angelou (Poet)
13. Ruth Bader Ginsburg   (Supreme Court Justice)
14. Bob Dylan  (Music) 

Science / Tech
Who is behind these inventions, technology, or scientific knowledge?  What would life be like without this knowledge or technology? How might your fictional character interact with them?

  1. Invented Windshield Wipers

  2. Discovered the Structure of DNA

  3. Wrote the first Computer Algorithm

  4. Figured out what stars are made of 

  5. Invented the Home Security System

  6. Invented 3D TV

  7. Invented Voice over IP technology (used in FaceTime, Skype, etc.)

  8. Invented Kevlar

  9. First High-Level Programming Language

  10. Co-invented Frequency Hopping signal (like those used in Bluetooth headphones)

  11. Invented the car heater

  12. Invented the the first commercially successful automatic dishwasher

  13. Invented the game Monopoly

  14. Discovered pulsars (astronomical radio phenomenon)

  15. Programmed the first digital computer, the ENIAC

  16. Invented the square-bottomed paper bag

  17. Invented the aquarium